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Nguyen Xuong Co., Ltd. is an Authorized Distributor of Norma Group in Vietnam.
NORMA GROUP in Germany
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NORMA Group’s innovative Engineered Joining Technologies and applications know-how make cleaner, more efficient use of precious energy sources in areas such as Cooling System, Air Intake & Induction, Emission Control, Ancillary System and Infrastructure. Distribution of NORMA Group trademark products is undertaken via a network of carefully selected companies specializing in volume distribution in their national market segments to reach the industrial aftermarket segment.

Global needs for greater energy efficiency in key sectors like transport and industrial infrastructure offer excellent growth prospects across the group’s broad portfolio of Engineered Joining Technology. Maintained investments in innovative solutions fund the continued development of new products and technologies.

The close strategic cooperation that has helped clients use our Engineered Joining Technology solutions to make a major impact on their businesses will be strengthened. We shall develop forward-thinking partnerships for our mutual benefit.
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